About Us

This website is about two things:  1) Squares, and 2) Freaking the aforementioned squares.

You may not believe this, but squares are all around us, they make up our homes, our cities, and even our psyches!  Don’t believe us?  Have a look at a map and what do you see?  SQUARES!  Sure there might be some triangles thrown in for good measure, or even some rectangles, but everyone knows that rectangles are just older, saggier squares.

Even as you read this, the buttons on your computer are no doubt square in shape!

It can’t be denied that squares are everywhere and they must be freaked.  For if we do not freak them, who will?

So won’t you help us take squares from every walk of life and freak them in some way?  It could be any way, but we prefer something with a distinct T-Shirt slant.  A square-based design or even just a phrase that might twist their noodles a little bit.  Every bit of freaking helps.

Do your part by checking out what we’re selling, and then putting your hard-earned money towards a worthy cause:  Freaking Squares!